Switch Barrel System

The growth of F-Class shooting and the vast number of new and improved cartridges have given swich_titel_pagerises to the need for a fast, easy to use, and affordable barrel changing system. We feel the LPR switch barrel system meets this need.

This system allows a shooter to change barrels quickly at home or on the line with the use of a simple wrench. This is done by milling six flats on the end of the barrel for installation and removal from the action. A simple box head wrench or a ratchet and socket may by used.

Larry has used this system over the past few years to win a number of matches. In one 600 yard three by twenty prone match Larry used three different barrel chamber in three different cartridges on the same Savage rifle. Larry changed the barrels on the line.

Larry was able to do this because the system has little to no loss of zero from one installation of a given barrel to the next installation of that barrel. This lets the shooter start the match with confidence that the first sighter will be on paper and give good feedback to the shooter.

To date we have used this system on Savage, Remington, Winchester, RPA, and Nesika actions. If you have any questions about how the switch barrel system works or would like to place an order, please contact Larry.